Away From The Table – Ottawa Comiccon

Let’s face it. Gaming isn’t all we do, as much as we’d love it to be that. Outside of gaming, there’s other things I get excited about. In Away From The Table, I’ll be sharing some of those other things that have been of interest not related to board games.

The biggest news this week came this morning when Ottawa Comiccon, the local comic book convention, announced their first wave of guests. Among those guests was none other than Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa.


Credit: Metro

I really liked Jason Momoa in both Stargate Atlantis and Game of Thrones, and while I have not seen him yet as Aquaman in the DC films, I was very excited when it was released that he was to play the character. I am unsure of what days Momoa will be at the convention, but I definitely will try to be there for that day.

Speaking of which, cosplay has always been something I’ve been interested in doing, but have never actually done. If I do go to Comiccon this year, I would love to dress up and do so with my baby. I’ve had a couple ideas and let me know in the comments which one you like the best.

Misty & Togepi


Credit: HollyLu (DeviantArt)

I’ve loved Pokemon since I was a kid, and the obvious choice for me to cosplay as is Misty, as I already have reddish hair. Misty’s most famous pokemon (aside from maybe Psyduck) is Togepi and I think it would be really cute to have my daughter dressed up as a little Togepi.


Ms. Frizzle & Liz


Credit: Bustle

Magic School Bus is also a childhood favourite and of course, Ms. Frizzle is a great choice to cosplay as. I’ve already got the hair down, and the funky attire would be fun to wear. And of course, where would Ms. Frizzle be without her trusty reptilian pal, Liz?

Let me know which idea you like better, or if you have another cosplay idea for me. Tell me all about your experiences cosplaying or at comic book conventions. I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time, remember to play fair and have fun!

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