Kickstarter Corner – Space Park & Wibbell++

This week’s Kickstarter Corner features two games that I’ve found on Kickstarter that look interesting: Space Park by Keymaster Games and the second edition of Wibbell++ designed by Behrooz “Bez” Shahriari.

Let’s get to it.

Space Park  is the 4th Kickstarter by Keymaster Games, whose other projects include the successful Control and Campy Creatures, as well as the unsuccessful Claims of Gold. Claims of Gold was at just over half of its target goal of USD $20,000. Ideas as to why this campaign failed have been appropriated to the rather dull artwork of the box, to the time of year it came out with Christmas being close, people may have been less able to give to the campaign.

However, it does not appear that Space Park will suffer from these issues. Beautiful and colourful artwork on both the box and components as well as coming out at the beginning of the year I think will help this project be successful.

The gameplay of Space Park sets it apart from other space themed games. The object of the game is to earn the most Explorer Points (XP) by visiting different “national parks” in space and earning space badges. These destinations are randomly placed on the board to begin the game (minus Starlight Station). Then the corresponding components are placed with those locations. Each location has a different action which can be used on the way to earning space badges or outright earning them themselves. On their turn, each player can choose which location with one of the three rockets on it they wish to visit as long as they can complete the action for that location. These choices directly affect the choices for the next player as the rockets move clockwise (skipping over other rockets if necessary) after a location has been chosen and the action performed. This could aid your opponent in opening up a location in which it is optimal for them to gain points, or it could hinder them by moving to a location where that action can not be completed by the player. A full video of gameplay can be viewed here.

The stretch goals for the campaign are merely upgraded components, which is something I like in that they are not holding back key features of the game in order to gain more funding, but will reward backers with something a little better than what is already included if the stretch goals are met.

A USD $29 pledge will get you the full game as well as all stretch goals. They are offering free shipping to US backers and customs friendly shipping to other countries worldwide. Any additional copies can be added by backers after the campaign ends using BackerKit.

As of this writing, Space Park has reached USD $22,801 of its USD $25,000 goal. There are 701 backers and has 27 days to go.


Wibbell++ is a much different project than Space Park. With 6 modes of play, Wibbell++ incorporates word play, storytelling, and strategy all in one box.

This is the 6th Kickstsarter for creator Behrooz “Bez” Shahriari which have all been successfully funded. His previous Kickstarters have included the game In a Bind as well as its “junior” counterpart, along with the previous edition of Wibbell++.

Wibbell++’s art style is unique. Despite only using black and red on a white backgound, the game manages to stand out with its hand drawn look and different patterns. The original edition featured a “tree of life” on it’s cover in the unique art style of Shariri, but this edition, with a shiny gold box, will feature different art that has not been revealed.

Wibbell++ is a full game system featuring 6 different games with more modes to be released by Shahriari. These modes include the original Wibbell, a game that involves creating and shouting out words, Grabbell, a fast paced dexterity game where patterns are key, Faybell, a storytelling game using letters for inspiration, Phrasell, a Cards Against Humanity style party game with less profanity and more creativity, Alphabetickell, a strategic game of knowing your ABC’s, and finally Coupell, a 2 player co-op not included in the original edition.

With this wide variety of games, Wibbell++ boasts different modes that are suitable for 2 players all the way up to 15. The system is being fulfilled by Shariari himself but with a previous track record of successful Kickstarters, this seems to be an individual project that can be backed with confidence. There are no stretch goals in this campaign, but I don’t feel it needs it with the continued support from the creator. A pledge of £15 (USD $21) will get you a copy of the second edition of Wibbell++.

Wibbell++ has reached £2,501 (USD $3447) of its £4,800 (USD $6616) goal, has 109 backers, and has 13 days to go as of this writing.


Bonus Feature

This bonus is not a board game but I couldn’t help but include it. A tabletop RPG, Good Society: A Jane Austen Roleplaying Game is the second Kickstarter from Storybrewers Roleplaying. Their previous Kickstarter, Alas For The Awful Sea: Myth, Mystery, & Crime in 1800’s UK was successful, but this current Kickstarter has more than doubled the amount pledged for that campaign.

As a proud Austenite myself, the idea of a Austen roleplaying game is really exciting to me, and with a low pledge of AUD $13 (USD $10.50) to receive the basic game and quickstart, it’s definitely been a temptation. All but two stretch goals have been met, but with 24 days to go still, it’s very possible that everything will be unlocked.

Good Society has met over 1000x of its goal of AUD $4,000 (USD $3,112) with AUD $64,556 (USD $50,230) being pledged. It has 1,135 backers, and as previously mentioned, still has 24 days to go.

Until next time, remember to play fair and have fun!

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