Happy Tabletop Day! + A Question

Today, for those not already in the know, is International Tabletop Day. I hope all of you enjoy some gaming today. I personally know I most likely will, albeit I’m not sure what we’ll be playing.

I’ve also got a question for my readers: do you like playing games with background music?

I personally don’t mind some music in the background. There’s a great site called Melodice where people can upload music for any specific board game to use as a soundtrack while playing. There’s also a Geeklist on Board Game Geek where user Rick Williams is compiling some ambient music for different board games.

I was inspired by these sources and have started to make some Spotify playlists for games in my collection. The playlist length is based on the length of the game as specified on BGG, although for some of the quicker games, I’ve doubled the length since they are often played multiple times. Here’s my lists for your enjoyment:

7 Wonders

BANG! The Dice Game (Could also work for standard BANG!)


King of New York (Could probably work for King of Tokyo as well)

Love Letter

One thought on “Happy Tabletop Day! + A Question

  1. For larger groups I don’t often bother with music, as there tends to be conversation that drowns out the music. My husband will often put on ambient music/sound effects for our RPG, but he tends to make the volume so low that I only notice he did so at the end of the session when I see him pick up his tablet and turn it off. If it’s just my husband and I gaming I’ll almost always turn on music. Most of the time it’s random, whatever I feel like listening to, sometimes it matches the theme of the game – like last night when I played big band music while we played The Opulent.

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