Kickstarter Corner – Tabletop Tales

This week’s Kickstarter Corner is a little different than our other editions. This week, we are featuring Tabletop Tales, a collection of short stories about the world of tabletop gaming.

Tabletop Tales is the second Kickstarter by S.K. Dinning. His first project was an unsuccessful project for a children’s history book called Romans Ruled, which featured rhymes about the history of the Roman Empire. The project was created way back in 2015 and despite the failed Kickstarter, the book was actually published and is available on Amazon.

Books on tabletop gaming are scarce and that’s what makes Tabletop Tales so unique in its offering. The book features ten short stories written about tabletop gaming experiences.

There seems to be very little risk involved in backing Tabletop Tales as the Kickstarter has indicated that a limited first edition promotional run was made and well received, and the Kickstarter is for a more wide release of the book.

The price point of backing Tabletop Tales is very fair. £3 (around USD $4) will get you a digital copy of the book in PDF or MOBI (Kindle) format. £10 (around USD $13) will get you a paperback copy, and £12 (around USD $16) will get you both.

As of this writing, Tabletop Tales has raised £387 (around USD $526) of its £1000 (around USD $1353) goal with 27 days left in their campaign

This seems like a really neat project and definitely one worth checking out if you have a passion for tabletop gaming.

Until next time, remember to play fair and have fun!

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