An Interview With Brendan McCaskell

I spoke recently to Brendan McCaskell of McCaskell Games about his game currently on Kickstarter entitled Last One Standing.


In Last One Standing, 2 to 8 players compete to be just that, the last one standing. The game features a modular board that shrinks throughout the game. Players can move and loot for supplies, attack another player or use an item on their turn. They also have to make sure they don’t weigh themselves down too much or else, just like real life, they will be slowed down.

Here’s what Brendan had to say about Last One Standing.

Q:  Tell us a bit about yourself and your inspiration for Last One Standing.

I’m a youth worker living in Kelowna, Canada and I have always been interested in games and how they work! There was a weekend last summer when I had a large group of friends over and we wanted to play a board game which had a little bit of depth but we couldn’t think of any good ones. Later that night I was lying in bed, previously in the weekend I had just tried the beta for Player Unknown Battlegrounds, a battle royale video game, and I wondered if the genre could be translated onto the tabletop – so here we are!

Q: What challenges did you face during the designing process?

Keeping the time of games to a reasonable amount with higher player counts was the trickiest thing to work through. That and the constant balancing were a bit tedious at times.

Q: The “Battle Royale” theme is very popular right now. What does Last One Standing bring to the genre that hasn’t necessarily been done before?

It is! I love the theme but I don’t think there are any true battle royale board games. Having the shrinking map forces awesome confrontation around the table and creates some unique experiences.

Q: The characters in the game are very diverse. Was this an important goal in creating Last One Standing?

The theme for Last One Standing is a worldwide competition and so we had to reflect that in the characters. I loved what our artist came up with from our brief bios. And now we have the community creating the final two characters for the game! It’s been an awesome crowd-funding perk!

The current cast of characters, From left to right, Katie, Santiago, Riku, Asha, Ella, & Norman

Q: Do you have a favourite character or was there one in particular you enjoyed creating?

I love Norman. He’s so sad and yet so awesome. Kind of like if 007 got out of shape a little bit. But now there’s this new character created by one of our backers, her name is Rebecca and she’s a sort of robot character with a really interesting back story. I’m fascinated to see what the final artwork will look like for her.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring game designers?

Be prepared for an insane amount of work. However much work you think you will do, double it. There is no quick way to success or building a group of loyal fans. Also, if you are starting a Kickstarter, get ready for a few sleepless nights.


So far, Last One Standing has raised CAD $17,360 (about USD $13,610) of its CAD $24,000 (about USD $18,816) goal with 17 days to go. For a CAD $52 (about USD $40) pledge, you can get a copy of Last One Standing with all unlocked stretch goals. This is the first release for McCaskell Games and it looks like this is going to be a good one.

You can find out more about Last One Standing by visiting their Kickstarter campaign, checking out their website, visiting their Facebook page, following them on Twitter or Instagram, or by taking a peek at the entry for Last One Standing on Board Game Geek.

I’d like to thank Brendan for speaking with me about Last One Standing and wish him well on the rest of his campaign!

Until next time, remember to play fair and have fun!

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