Saturday Adventures At CanGames

Today, I went to my very first board game convention right here in Ottawa called CanGames.

CanGames is a not-for-profit volunteer-run convention that is held Victoria Day weekend each year. I had the pleasure of attending the convention for the first time earlier today and I had a fantastic time.


Here I am, excitedly showing off my badge.

I first played Dominion, specifically the Big Box version. I am a fan of deckbuilding games but I had yet to play the one that started it all.

My first impressions were that I really enjoyed the game. The theme is really almost non-existent, but it was fun trying to streamline my deck and building an engine to try and pull off a win. This didn’t happen however, and I came third in our three player game. Still, I rather enjoyed playing and I would again in a heartbeat if asked.

The game master for my game of Dominion was also running a game of Iron Dragon that I couldn’t help but take a peek at. I have never seen a Crayon Rail game before and it is certainly an interesting mechanic. I think that given a chance to play, I might enjoy it.

I took a break for lunch and took a gander at the merchant booths. I ended up buying a nice little dice tower from Custom Game Bits and some lovely D6 Chessex dice from Dan The Dice Guy.

The dice tower, with two of the new dice.

Afterwards, I went back to the table. This time, I became the Lord of Skullduggery and Warfare in Lords of Waterdeep. This was a game of 4 players, all of us new to the game, so the game master sat in and taught us, while two other games of LoW with some more experienced players went on. I really enjoy worker placement games and this one was no exception to that rule. I got lucky and got some high scoring quests at the start and I was able to complete them pretty quickly, so I took an early lead. However, the others caught up and I ended up in third, with second place only 2 points ahead of me.

Lords of Waterdeep, in all its glory.

Our game ended early, so I went back downstairs to go see if anyone wanted to play a non-scheduled game from the library of the local meetup I attend who were at the convention. As luck would have it, a group of three approached me looking for a fourth for Alien Frontiers.

Again, this was a new game for me, but I immediately liked what I saw once the game was brought out. It’s a dice as worker placement game which immediately brought to mind for me The Voyages of Marco Polo, a game I very much enjoy. There are some differences between the two and I discovered through my first play that having a lot of resources is not always a good thing. I ended up dead last but again, enjoyed the game and would most likely play again if asked.

The final score for Alien Frontiers. I was red.

After the game, I bid adieu to CanGames. At least for this year. I think my experience today has widened my eyes to the world of board game conventions. I definitely plan on returning next year and even perhaps taking a chance on going to a bigger convention sometime in the future.

Until next time, remember to play fair and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Adventures At CanGames

  1. Dragonflight down in Bellevue, WA (3 hour drive for me) is my main annual convention. Three days of gaming goodness!!!

    Usually last weekend in August.

    You should come on over. 🙂

    Congrats on your first Con!


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