Kickstarter Corner – Taxi Derby

Hello and welcome to another edition of Kickstarter Corner, where I discuss a Kickstarter campaign that I’ve found interesting. This week, I am featuring a pick-up and deliver game called Taxi Derby

Taxi Derby is the debut game for Skipshot Games, founded by Brady Hunt & Romney Trejo, co-designers of Taxi Derby. What immediately struck me about the game was the beautiful artwork by Phillip Ach, an illustrator and graphic designer from Germany. Seeing this wonderful artwork, I was intrigued and decided to take a closer look at Taxi Derby.

The cover of Taxi Derby featuring Ach’s impressive art

Taxi Derby is a pick up and deliver game, as one would expect from a taxi themed game, but it also has a push your luck element that I found really interesting. On a player’s turn, they can do three actions. The first of these is picking up a customer. The second is dropping off the passenger at the desired location, which is where the push your luck aspect comes in. Players can move as many spaces as they choose, however, there is a “speed limit” of 4 spaces. After the play, a patrol car is sent out, either in the player’s direction of choosing if they obeyed the speed limit, or towards them, as determined by a 4 sided die where the result is multiplied by the number of spaces moved over the speed limit. If the patrol car catches the player, they must pay a fine which can be monetary or require loss of upgrades.

The game in play as shown in a prototype version
Source: boardgamegeek,com

Upgrades are obtained as a third action. Some passengers require specific upgrades in order to be picked up. These upgrades are placed on a player board and are bought with money obtained from fares.

The player boards featuring the 5 playable characters and other components.

There are 3 different pledge levels for Taxi Derby where one can receive a physical copy of the game. The base game pledge is $34 USD, the deluxe version is $39 USD, and the collector’s edition is $59 USD. Shipping costs are detailed on the Kickstarter campaign and are very reasonable.

Taxi Derby plays with 2-5 players, who have 5 diverse characters to choose from. The game plays in about 60 minutes. As of this writing, Taxi Derby is fully funded, having raised $15,838 USD of its $15,000 USD goal. The campaign has 27 days left to go, so if you’re interested, there’s still time to back it.

Thanks for reading this edition of Kickstarter Corner and thanks for coming back after my extended hiatus.

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