Preview – Hasty Baker

Today I’m doing something a bit different. The game I’ll be discussing today has not hit Kickstarter yet, but will be very soon, so I’m giving you guys a sneak peak as to what the game is about and my thoughts. I’ve called it a preview since I don’t know really how else to describe it. Anyway, let’s jump right in.

Hasty Baker is a family-style card game by first time designers Brent & Marty Mickelson. Players are competing to complete recipes by playing ingredients and using strategy cards to aid themselves and/or sabotage their opponents.

All 8 recipe types available in the game. There are 3 of each recipe card.

To begin the game, deal 7 ingredient cards to each player. These cards are designated by having a blue back. The remaining cards become a draw pile. Then each player receives 1 recipe card which is placed face up in front of them. This is the recipe that the player will be trying to complete.

On their turn, each player may perform 2 actions. There are 3 options for these actions and actions can be repeated. The first option is to play an ingredient card face up in front of the recipe card. The second option is to discard a card from your hand and draw a new one to hopefully get something a little better than what you had before. The third option is to play a strategy card.

The 8 ingredient types, including a wild ingredient card.

There are 8 types of strategy cards included in the ingredient deck. These cards bring a bit of a take that element to the game, with many of the cards being used to make things more difficult for your opponents. The strategy cards are as follows.

  • Spoiled Ingredient – The player who plays this card announces an ingredient that has “spoiled” and everyone with that ingredient in play must discard that ingredient.
  • Steal Ingredient – This card allows a player to steal an ingredient in play to use on their recipe instead.
  • Take 2 From Hand – This allows a player to take two cards from an opponents hand and place them in their own hand. The player who has had their cards taken must wait until the end of their next turn to replenish their hand.
  • New Hand – The player this card is played on must discard their entire hand and redraw. This may be played on yourself or an opponent.
  • Broken Timer – This card forces a player to discard their recipe and all ingredients in play and restart with a new recipe card.
  • Award Winner – This card is played on your recipe card and will give you an additional point when it is completed.
  • Double Batch – This card can be played on any recipe, including your own, and will make the recipe require double the ingredients, but a player who completes a Double Batch recipe will receive an extra point.
  • Hasty Baker – This card gives you two extra actions when played.

Completed recipes are worth 1 point each and Double Batch and Award Winner affected recipes are worth 2 points. The player who reaches 5 points first is declared the winner, but, as the rulebook states, you can set a higher point goal if you’re having fun with it.

There are a couple things I have some concerns about however. The recipes all use pretty similar ingredients and I’m worried that could feel a bit same-y after awhile. As well, the rulebook does not state any player count whatsoever, so I am unsure as to how it would play with 2 vs. 3 vs. 4 etc.

Overall, Hasty Baker looks like a fun little family game with a nice healthy dose of take that and strategy to keep things interesting. The art style is quirky and cartoon-y and suits the style of the game perfectly. I think it would be a really good fit for families with younger children, especially those who are more casual gamers or new to the hobby.

Hasty Baker launches on Kickstarter on September 2nd. You can keep updated through their website. You can also check them out on social media on their Facebook page and Instagram.

I was provided a rule sheet for this review from the designers for the purposes of this preview.

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