Kickstarter Corner – Fired Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Kickstarter Corner where I discuss a current Kickstarter project that’s caught my eye. Today, I’m featuring the latest game from Drawlab Entertainment entitled Fired Up.

Fired Up is designed by Giorgos Eleftheriadis and Theofilos Koutroubis and is a re-implementation of their previous game FIRED UP! Eternal Moments, published by the defunct Purple Games.

The cover featuring artwork from The Mico

Fired Up is a cyberpunk themed arena fighting game where, instead of being the fighter, you are an audience member trying to influence the fight. By carefully allocating their influence dice, placing bets, and playing highlight cards, players are attempting to gain the most amount of points and leave the arena feeling “fired up”.

Players first choose two of their four highlight cards to score with this round. Each card features different conditions that must occur for the player to score points in the round. These are things that can be affected by the influence dice used in the next part of game play.

On a player’s turn, they roll their purple influence dice which are used to influence one of the fighters. Players can allocate as many dice as they wish on their turn but they may only be used on one fighter per turn. Players can influence fighters by boosting or downgrading their morale, making them faster (meaning they will attack sooner), changing the position of the fighter (changing their target), boosting a fighter’s defense or attack and/or gaining a social token (used for betting and a special multi-tasking action). There is also a 2x symbol that can be rolled which can be used to allow for any of the above actions to be doubled. Players continue to take turns, re-rolling their un-allotted influence dice until all players have spent their dice. However, fighters can only be influenced up to three times before whatever influences they have are locked into place.

The dice included in Fired Up: Influence (purple), Attack (red), and Defense (blue).

After this, the battle phase begins. Before any fighting commences, players with highlight cards marked “Start” check if the conditions of the card are met. If so, they score the points indicated on the card. Other highlight cards will be scored during or at the end of the fights.

The fights begin with the fighter designated as 1st. Red attack dice will be rolled matching their level of attack on their mat, and defense dice will be rolled for their opponent matching their level of defense. Attack dice will show a body part, a blank side indicating a missed hit or a flame representing a special attack. The defense dice will have matching body parts, a blank side and a shield. Body parts on the defense dice will block the corresponding body part from attack dice, shields can block any attack, and blank sides do nothing. Damage points are totaled from the number of unblocked attacks and the appropriate hit points are taken from the fighter on defense. If a fighter loses all their hit points, they are eliminated.

If an attacking fighter rolls two or more of a certain attack (aside from missed attacks) and less than all or none are blocked, fighters are dealt the appropriate amount of damage and a wound is applied. If a fighter receives 3 wounds, they are eliminated from the competition. The defense can also counter-attack, by rolling multiple of a defense and having a extra defense die of that symbol. This will deal damage to the opponent, but will not wound them.

Three of the fighter miniatures from Fired Up painted by Ravenwolf Modeling Studio

Players can also gain points by betting. To bet, players either use a social token or a social die roll to place one of their betting cards in a designated area depending on what round the game is in. Points are awarded for correct bets and for what round they were placed in. Players can also use their social tokens to “multi-task” where they can turn two social die rolls to an action of their choice and spend them on one fighter, even if it is a fighter they haven’t influenced yet.

There are three pledge levels for those looking to receive a copy of Fired Up. The base game is around $62 USD containing all unlocked stretch goals. The VIP level is around $90 USD and comes with the base game, an expansion with 2 extra fighters, a dice tray, enamel social tokens, and velvet pouches for dice. Finally, the Luxury VIP is around $150 USD and comes with everything from the VIP level, but has the miniatures painted by Ravenwolf Modeling Studio. There are also options to add on the expansion, dice tray and/or the enamel social tokens to your pledge.

The painted fighter miniatures from the Fired Up expansion.

Fired Up is fully funded as of this writing, having raised £41,552 of its £40,000 goal. Of Drawlab Entertainment’s 10 created Kickstarter campaigns, 9 were successful and the one that was canceled was re-launched and was funded. The artwork by The Mico, known for his work on the North Sea Trilogy of games, is beautifully done.

Overall, Fired Up looks like a great game for those who like a bit of competition and strategy. As well, its unique theming and wonderful artwork adds to the appeal. You can back Fired Up on Kickstarter here.

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